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Interview with Pieter Priem, de Smaakspecialist


A sustainable world starts with good food. De Smaakspecialist has made it their mission to create innovative and highly valued quality products, that are available and created for the customers and therefore take the responsibility to take good care of the earth. With unique products such as RawBars and vegan Honee, they cater to the customer that shares their mission. To explain their concept further we interviewed Pieter Priem, marketing manager at de Smaakspecialist. 



What is De Smaakspecialist and what makes the concept special?

We believe in the power and urge of good food for a sustainable world. We make good food accessible and create awareness by developing, producing and selling organic products, made with love and attention for humans, animals and nature.

We think highly of accessibility and awareness regarding our way of working. And we make people aware about the power of good food for a sustainable world, by sharing knowledge and inspiration throughout our impact programs, such as Kidsproef, Bio Kitchen and Bio Proef Lokaal. Off course quality is of significant importance to us. In combination with sustainability, quality is the basis of the business operations. From that perspective, we have the following certificates: IFS, BRC, SKAL and B-corp.

Our assortment contains over 550 products, to which we add several innovations each year. This assortment is divided under four different own brands: Smaakt, BioToday, RAW Organic Food and Goodbugs, and since recently Conzensa.


We advise on category management and shelf planning. Together with a retail partner we develop the functional food category to make sure they have a profitable and customizes assortment.

This way of doing business is translated directly into our mission & vision. We have an absolutely passion for nutrition and we create innovative and highly valued quality products, that are available and created for the customers and therefore it’s our responsibility to take good care of the earth. So in the choices that we make we always keep the health of the earth in mind!



What are some of the products that you find are a unique addition to the sustainable and organic market? Could you explain?

BioToday Organic No Bee Honee is a unique vegan alternative to honey that approaches the same taste, structure and aroma as real honey. No Bee Honee is made from apple juice concentrate, tapioca syrup and lemon juice, without refined sugars or artificial additives. This vegan alternative to honey is a fragrant, liquid sweetener with a delicate floral aroma and a fresh taste. It is a delicious and natural sweetener that is perfect as an addition to fresh mint tea, yogurt and smoothies. Also nice to use in homemade baking such as biscuits, cake and baklava.



What kinds of trends are you noticing the last few year and the last year? Are there certain types of products that seem to be in high demand?

Fortunately, in recent years there has been an increasing awareness of what we consume. The discussion is not only about price and quality, but also about where ingredients come from and how it is produced. The increasing demand for organic, vegan and free of gluten/lactose/sodium etc only contributes to this development. We believe that there is not a particular product or category that is in high demand, but a growing expectation in terms of a convergence of all these facets. This total solution is particularly appreciated by consumers. Transparency and involvement is invaluable in today's (digital) world.



You have participated at the Expo before; what were your experiences?

We participated at the Free From exhibition in Barcelona last year. We are hoping to meet more international retailers this year, instead of a lot of local (Spanish) companies like last year. In addition, we also participated in one of the organized tours. Although this was not to our expectation, the overall experience was good enough to book for this year as well.



And what is your objective for participation this year? Who are you hoping to meet?

In addition to the fact that it is always nice to promote our company on an international stage, we assume that many international customers will be present which we will be able to meet.



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