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Incredible focused and dedicated trendy food trade event

The 11th Annual edition! Most Wanted European Free From Food Retail Exhibition, initiated by the industry, supported by the leading certifying associations, all under one roof. Driving the future of Vegan, Plant-Based, Free From, Organic, Functional and Healthy Lifestyle Food, Drinks and Ready to Market Solutions.

The ultimate free-from, natural and vegan b2b retail experience

The European Free From Food Conference, Matchmaking and Trade event will be back in Amsterdam this November! During this specialized and very dedicated show, the European Free From industry and their suppliers come together to create succesfull business opportunities together.

This platform serves both industry and retail with Free From, Vegan, Organic/Natural and Functional Finished food products, as well as Ingredients Technology solutions for marketeers at retail and food manufacturers.

Free From Food Amsterdam is thé place to showcase your innovative proposition and extend your network and connect with Retail buyers, Industry leaders and experts and build new partnerships.

Segments at the show

Free From
Covering Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Egg Free, Sugar Free, Meat Free, Allergy Free and many more Free From Products. The need for free from foods is driving innovation across many sectors.

The gaining free-from and vegan movements have resulted in a significant upsurge in the plant-based food and drink markets across Europe. Discover more about this segement in the show.


Consumers are choosing for Vegan Products and Vegan is Free From. Vegan junk food in particular, such as pizzas, burgers, kebabs, grilled cheese and fried foods, is becoming increasingly mainstream and widely available in fast food outlets.


Today’s health-conscious consumer is driving all new dietary habits. They are passionate about embracing health in many aspects of their lives, and food is a huge part of this. Food is identified with a much wider variety of health benefits and concerns.


More and more free from products at the show are produced with natural ingredients, great segment at the show.


Consumer factors are driving the demand for functional foods such as aging populations, sport and healthy lifestyles, concerns over obesity and a growing focus on nutritional value.


Bridge the gap between retail and food technology to develop new free from & functional products and more successful launches. Solutions on replacements, weight management, sport nutrition, stimulate body functions and cognitive performance like enhancement of memory or quick recovery from illness.

Hundreds of exhibiting suppliers covering;

Gluten Free • Vegan • Fat Free • Egg Free • Lactose Free • Nut Free • Organic • Dairy Free • Soy Free • Sugarfree • Yeast Free • Salt Free • No additives • Wheat Free • GMO Free • No preservatives • Functional • Vitamins • Sportbars • Sport Nutritions • Food Nutritions • Omega 3 • Food Supplements Superfoods • Proteins • Probiotics • Stimulate Body Functions • Cognitive Performance Enhancers • Sport Protein • Carbohydrates Shakes • Isotonic Instant • Diet Food Solutions • and many more

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