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Interview with Bute Island Food Ltd

What’s the secret of your success and longevity?

Over the last three decades we have experienced consistent growth by investing in the best quality ingredients, ways of making vegan cheese, and our people. 2021 was a particularly special year as we won a Queen’s Award, and became part of the Saputo family.


What’s your premier product?

It’s our award-winning Sheese range of dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and certified vegan cheese alternatives. Sheese comes in a wide range of flavours and styles. They are versatile and delicious, and perfect for any plant-based diet or those with special dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance. Most are also Kosher certified.


How do Bute Island’s products catch the eye?

We invest in great pack designs with a strong brand and beautiful food photography. We also invest in advertising, shopper marketing, digital communications, and social media to get our message out. We have been an ever-present at consumer shows for several years.


What consumer trends does Sheese address?

Consumers are increasingly looking for tasty plant-based options, and foodstuffs that meet their environmental concerns. Sheese addresses both.


Will there be any new Sheese products to sample at the FFF expo in Amsterdam?

We’ll be showcasing our new range of Hero SKU’s and newly launched arancini balls. Both are a great way for plant-based curious consumers to enter the category. The arancini balls are tomato and mozzarella flavour rice balls and are soya-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


What’s your goal in being present at the FFF expo?

We are a long-standing supporter of this show. It will be a good opportunity to keep in contact with some key buyers and make contact with new ones.


Bute Island Foods, Nigel White, Marketing Director

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