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Garnec - a measure of the volume for the flour and cereals in old Russia, it is 3,28 of liter. (Explanatory dictionary)
“Garnec” - trademark that is specializing in production the flour from cereals and legumes.


Garnec is the old Russian word that was used until the nineteenth century. It was the time when nobody had ever heard the words "genetic engineering", "nutritional supplements", "herbicides", "pesticides" and e.t.c.

For us this word means the commitment to simple healthy foods, the quality of which is close to the products of that old time.

Humanity were conducting the selection of wheat a several millennia. It made the composition of current wheat so different from its ancestor - spelled.

The further improvement of the baking process: as the special way of refining the flour and the invention additives and enhancers (in particular panifarina) led to the appearance of specific diseases.

Unfortunately the history of baking and flour production is the struggle for cost and taste of the product. The question about the health benefits was pushed to the background.

We don’t want to make our products this way and add any special refining and "chemical additives" in producing food. We believe that nobody can create more adapted food for the absorption of the human body than the nature.

We produce other flour.



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