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RICE DREAM srl is an Italian manufacturing company in Joint Venture (www.ricedream.it).
We have innovative products that are revolutionising the world of ICE CREAM and CREAMS with deliciously healthy proposals with special attention to the needs of EVERYONE.
With our ICE CREAM the treat becomes a daily pleasure and a gesture of self-love.
The recipes are a combination of quality ingredients and the desire to give health with taste.
With our creams ready in brik we have come up with an original idea that is extremely practical, convenient and naturally delicious!

RICE FIORDIRISO is a basic ice cream mix with only 3 ingredients: Rice drink, rice syrup, carob flour. Suitable for all kinds of variegations... from the most classic to the most extravagant one.
WITHOUT: added sugar (sucrose and fructose free), milk and dairy products, gluten, animal products, preservatives, dyes, hydrogenated fats, artificial flavourings, 100% veg. BIO.
Packaging: 10lt UHT box. Shelf life: 12 months.
Storage unopened: room temperature. Storage unopened: in the fridge at approx. 4-6°.

Sector: Ho.Re.Ca. and Retail (1lt or 0.5lt UHT bricks on request).

COCCOLE PACKED ICE CREAM has the same characteristics of the RICE FIORDIRISO blend and the same taste & wellness principles in the version:
75gr cone - loose and 3-piece pack (fiordiriso and cocoa, hazelnut and cocoa);
50g stick - loose and 6-pack (hazelnut and chocolate, strawberry and chocolate, vanilla and chocolate);
80gr stick - loose (hazelnut and chocolate, blueberry and chocolate)
80g cup - loose (chocolate and vanilla, strawberry and lemon, pistachio and hazelnut);
500ml tub - single pack (wild berries, hazelnut, sesame, pistachio, olive oil with citrus).
Flavours: dedicated flavours can be realised with minimum order.
Sector: GDO, Ho.Re.Ca., Retail, Canteens

Ready to serve creams in 1 litre (1.1 kg) bricks.
Just open and pour into the glass and enjoy or use them to make delicious desserts.
NO slush machines. ZERO investment for machines, electricity, maintenance, ALWAYS READY,...
gluten- and lactose-free. BEST served fresh. VERY suitable for Ho.Re.Ca. and Retail.
Storage of unopened brick at room temperature. Shelf life 14 months.
Unopened, keeps for approx. 7 days in the fridge, preferably at approx. 4°.
Sector: Ho.Re.Ca., Retail

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