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Mellifera JSC (BSE: MELI) is an innovative producer of specialized nutrition based on bee honey. The company’s mission is to bring awareness of sustainability and organic foods. Manufacturing is located in Bulgaria, EU; certifications cover GMP, HACCP, EU-BIO, IFS (in progress). Mellifera’s flagship product - MelliGEL (www.melligel.com) is a multiple award winner organic energy gel, designed for endurance and concentration during prolonged exercise. Combining honey with other superfoods and plant extracts with proven benefits for the health, its overall functional properties extend beyond the initial purpose to provide energy for athletes. The product has the dual use for energy and recovery, aiding immunity and well-being. It is a proof that the energy boost, needed by athletes and active people, can be achieved in a humble and natural way, by using sustainable food sources instead of chemical stimulants.

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