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MIIND is a low-calorie soft drink from Austria made from natural ingredients that comes in a
250 ml aluminium can. A drink that you can enjoy throughout the day – preferably ice cold – without a guilty
conscience which also provides you with long-lasting focus and freshness.
MIIND is your best companion through the day.
The distinctive branding is one of the great strengths of MIIND. It‘s visual appearance is clean, minimalist,
and puts the product in centre stage. MIIND clearly stands for the pursuit of perfection. It‘s key visuals, the blue
colours and the diamond, reflect purity, clarity and focus.
OPEN YOUR MIIND is an attitude that encourages you to think freely, to be open to new things and to redefine
your limits. The slogan supports both the communications strategy and visual appearance.
Our corporate mission is to provide our customers with the very best low-calorie refreshment over the long term
without artificial additives on the market. MIIND is a down-to-earth, dynamic company from Austria.

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