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Green Leaf LLC

Healthy choices should taste great!

Here's to a Sweet and Healthy Lifestyle! The company commit to making sweets healthy and delicious at the same time. The company create sweeteners from natural ingredients for enjoyment and health. All products are based on stevia leafs.

100% natural - the company make sweeteners only from the finest natural ingredients. In productions, do not use flavor enhancers or other artificial additives. 0 kcal – sweet stevia from GREEN LEAF are calorie-free. With GREEN LEAF, you don't need to worry about weight gain.

Harmonix - Perfect taste is about stevia from GREEN LEAF. Thanks to company`s exclusive HARMONIX technology, stevia is non-bitter and has no aftertaste.
Baking - GREEN LEAF products are good to bake. Thanks to the granular form and sweetness identical to sugar, they are easy to use.

GREEN LEAF manufacture sweeteners not only for the end consumer but also for food producers. If you, like GREEN LEAF, believe that sweetness can be useful and want to use natural zero-calorie sweeteners in the production of your products, you have to cooperate with GREEN LEAF.

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