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The land on which we live and work is a breeding ground for sustainable initiatives such as GRO’s oyster mushrooms grown in coffee grounds. At our company, the very tasty, versatile and circularly grown oyster mushroom is the central focus from which we make our delicious products.

We offer plant-based products for the Foodservice en Retail market. In the Netherlands our products are sold through wholesalers like Sligro, Hanos en Bidfood. We also sell to the Dutch retail like Crisp, Picnic and Lidl (in/out).

GRO offers delicious products that are easy to prepare. Most products are frozen, but we also have delicious Krupi Chips. Our Oyster Mushrooms Croquettes and Mini Croquettes are the best selling products. These can be prepared in the oven and airfryer. Our vegan, clean label Oyster Mushrooms Burger is now also available as mini burger. It's the perfect, healthy burger for kids and also as a slider.

We invite you to try our products and experience our circular story!

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