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DelMoli and iimas

DelMoli is chilean producer in the health-conscious food industry, with a range of gluten-free and allergen-free bakery and snack products. They are crafted with superior taste and texture, using natural ingredients supplied by Chilean artisans and farmers. Our offerings include crispy extruded chickpeas and lentils with delightful cheese and olive-tomato-basil flavors, known as Kewen.
We aim to help shape the future of food, with balanced products that nurture and care for everyone who consumes them. Because with delMoli healthy eating is about "Sentirse bien" (feeling good).

Iimas is dedicated to the development of scientific research and new technologies, for the creation of formulas of healthy ingredients, natural agri-food additives and processes used by the food industry at a national and regional level, in order to exploit the rights granted to such projects, research and technologies give place.

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