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Dea società benefit srl (Deanocciola)

Deanocciola is the brand of Dea Società benefit srl that is located in the Tuscia area of Viterbo (North of Rome), and has been producing organic spreads since more than 60 years.

We are leading manufacturers of organic spreads and we offer:
1. High quality hazelnut and chocolate spreads with and without milk;
2. Pure nut butters;
3. Pure seed butters;
4. Innovative & Healthy recipes.

Our production plant meets the highest food-safety standards, and our factory has the following certifications: Organic, BRC, IFS, FDA, Kosher, Fairtrade, UTZ.

Deanocciola Organic Spreads boast claims such as VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, SUGAR FREE, PROTEIN since the production lines of our factory are completely separated, in order to avoid any risk of cross-contamination.
Moreover, our technology consist in manufacturing the spreads at low temperatures and in small batches so to have always-fresh products.

We manufacture organic spreads under our brand Deanocciola, and our great creativity and flexibility makes us your reliable partner especially for your Private Label.
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