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Agrumarie Riunite Siciliane srl

Top quality products from Italy to serve the most demanding Horeca players
Agrumarie Riunite Siciliane history
Agrumarie Riunite Siciliane was born in Palermo in the 1950s as a business company of Agrumaria Corleone S.p.A. leader in the processing of Sicilian citrus fruit since more than 130 years. We are one of the first to have introduced fruit concentrates for hotel breakfasts and today we are one of the major player on the Italian Horeca market.

Our Mission
Choice of the best Sicilian citrus fruit, search for the best exotic fruit, use of the most modern production technologies, attention to customers’ needs and expectations are our core mission and during the years our business is developing successfully also thanks to our guidelines:
Territory: Active engagement to develop and enhance Made in Italy excellence and the valorization of our area, by using local raw material; Italy is a nation of food tradition and culture and Sicily contributes with pride.
Quality: Care of the products and needs of the clients through a careful selection of the supplier and by choosing the best raw material and the most innovative production methods.
Sustainability: respect the environment and the workers by using modern verification system, sustainable energy and recyclable packaging.

Versatile and easy-to-use, our product lines are used in hotels, restaurants, bars and ice cream shops, beach club, pubs, discos and wellness center. Our products are also used in confectionery, cooking, bakery and in the production of craft beer or thirst-quenching beverages and cocktails.

Products & Brand
The company has always been attentive to market demands and new health trends also by developing new products without added sugar, preservatives and with no colorants. Fruit is the key ingredient! Over time, the range of products has expanded to include a large selection of freshly processed top quality juices and semi-finished products for professional use.
• Naturalia: 100% Natural Juices NFC (not from concentrate) made with only fresh Sicilian Lemon, Orange, Blood Orange, Mandarin, Watermelon, Pomegranate and Lime; frozen immediately after pressing to maintain all organoleptic characteristics, packaged in practical Bags or in Bag in Box and available throughout the year. Used with our essential oils cold pressed from Lemon, Orange, Mandarin and Bergamot peel, they give excellent results in ice cream, pastry, confectionery and cooking sweet and savoury dishes.

• Upgrade: high quality fruit pulps, syrups and natural juices created to meet the demands of the more modern barkeepers and bartenders. Perfect for cocktails, mocktail, smoothies and garnishes, the flavours range from Passion Fruit to Mandarin for classic or personalized cocktails. Cocktail finish transform a simple drink into a unique sensory and olfactory experience together with our foamer “upfoam” is the perfect and innovative solution to create a creamy, dense and long-lasting foam on drinks and avoid use of egg white.
Some taste like our Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut and Cinnamon syrups are especially intended for modern Baristas, even more creative to prepare flavoured coffee, milk and cappuccinos!

• Granì: a perfect blend of fruit and sugar made with the ancient recipe of the sicilian artisanal method. Semi-finished products to dilute with water for an authentic creamy Sicilian Granita (slush) very easy to prepare
• Bevipiù: Fruit concentrates are the ideal solution for hotel breakfast because they allow considerable saving in terms of product storage and waste whilst ensuring high quality. Available in a wide range of taste and packed in Jars or in Bag in Box, to dilute with water manually or by using dedicated equipment.
After 50 years of experience, once consolidating our presence and sales force in the Italian market, we expanded our sales in many countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Switzerland and more. Today we are open to build solid and durable business relationship with new partners and distributors. Trustful about our business expansion and Horeca future, we will continue to do our best with the objective of promoting Made in Italy worldwide.

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