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As a forth generations; we get our entire raw products from our own fields and local farmers that we have contracted with. Placing quality and safety as the utmost top priority, Ark produces ist entire products in a stringent, hygenic environment using the last technology by todays modern standarts.

At the present time we are annualy harvesting and producing over 20.000 tons of fresh tomatoes. We procass our products according to our customers needs. Farming or Fresh Produce Ark Foods specializes in the International trade of Quality produce. We are dedicated to the growing and the selection of high quality products enabling us to offer our clients the best quality / price ratio available.

Ark organizes and strictly controls all steps of the growing process. To ensure the quality of our fresh produce, we provide our farmers with our own preference, germ free, spacealized hybrid tomato seeds. Through costly, these hybrid seeds make the best quality tomato plants. These plants are highly resistant against defects, decay and produce a much healthier and beter tasting red tomato then our counterparts.

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