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We believe in the power and urge of good food for a sustainable world. We make good food accessible and create awareness by developing, producing and selling organic products, made with love and attention for humans, animals and nature.


Our brands Smaakt, BioToday, RAW Organic Food and Consenza fit into any responsible lifestyle. Wether you’re looking for gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, low-carb, organic, raw or just healthy.

-        100% organic

-        90% vegan

-        100% free from refined sugar

-        Complete gluten-free concept

-        perfect mix between high quality essentials and innovations

-        BioBased foil to reduce our ecological impact.


Quality is of significant importance to us. In combination with sustainability, quality is the basis of the business operations. From that perspective, we have the following certificates: IFS, BRC, SKAL and B-corp.


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