Azamet Pro Bioteca Oil

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Bioteca has been protecting the health and beauty of their customers since 2008.

We support your aspirations to feel younger and live an active life, worry about the products you consume and how you feel. These values are reflected in our products. We believe that delicious food is a daily source of pleasure and a great mood. Therefore, we offer you an exquisite and authentic product made in the best traditions of artisan production.

The ecologically clean region of Moldova and the gentle southern sun have provided a fresh aroma and rich flavour to our oils.We want to live in harmony with nature, therefore we do not introduce any changes in her ideas. We create a community of people, who, just like us, love to live in the trend of wellness, enjoy unique gastronomic combinations and experiment with recipes. It is important for us to focus on the production of small batches so that the ready oil by Bioteca is not stored in the warehouse for a long time.



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