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Horta da Terra

Welcome to Horta!

We are a Nature Tech agroindustry of amazonian ingredients and cultivate Non-Conventional Food Plants (so-called PANCs) through the best practices of syntropic and regenerative agriculture.

Horta promotes health and well-being through technology and nature.

Our plants are Amazonian and developed without the use of pesticides.

After planting and harvesting, they undergo a sanitization and freezing process.

Afterwards, the plants are freeze-dried and powdered, retaining all their functional, medicinal and nutritional properties.

The freeze-drying technology allows water to be removed through sublimation, where it changes from its physical to gaseous state, without going through liquid state. Pretty interesting, right? This technology is what keeps all of the properties above well preserved and more concentrated in our products. It also makes our transportation and storage more practical, and expands the expiration date for decades.

Therefore, we are able to combine technologies that produce super ingredients in a healthy ecosystem, regenerating nature and offering a diversity of usage for your business, through practical and simple logistics.

The products commercialized by Horta da Terra can be applied in a variety of recipes for food and drinks, creative and innovative cuisine, including supplements and functional food. They also serve cosmetic, medicinal, herbal medicines and health and well-being industries.

Free From Food 2024

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