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Annadya will always remind you about going back to root. How important it is to go back to most nutritious food from across the country.

Annadya buys all its produce from FPO, SHG and NGO across the country. Annadya is determined to supply only naturally grown produce.

All our flour are stone grounded with traditional process. We have also ensured that we only procure from the farmers who follows sustainable farming.

e bring you the best local ingredients from across the country

JMD Group strives to offer healthy nutritious and trustworthy supply source to the world. JMD enables farmer produce indigenous crops by offering them a market place to sell their produce. We are also focused to support woman farmers across the country to sell their produce at maximum profit.

Our mission of sustainability includes:

Water conservation
Lower fertilizer usage
Reduced energy initiatives

Free From Food 2024

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