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"Synthesit™ is a broad-spectrum bioactive product. It helps to restore vital functions of the body, normalizes biochemical parameters of the blood, and increases overall vitality and energy. It has no analogues and does not have any toxic or side effects. Independent research has shown that Synthesit Iron helps to restore the hematopoietic system (hematopoiesis) and with that increases the number of healthy stem cells, providing a supply of new blood cells, cells in organs and tissues, as well as immune cells. To date more than 70 biological properties of Synthesit have been noted already.


The origin of Synthesit™ is with Synthestech, a research institute and the first manufacturer of the bioactive supplement. The aim of the company was to develop a technology that has no analogues in the world and was able to create a product that improves and rejuvenates the body. On the basis of complex electrochemical and high-temperature reactions, a "live" mineral with a huge biogenic potential was successfully obtained in 2018. Since the start of sales in 2020 this mineral has been giving clients globally a boost of strength, energy and performance. The founder of Synthesit is located in Sochi, Russia. Since October 2020 the company expanded its production and established a Swiss base with the name Synthesit Swiss SA. The company is located in Geneva, Switzerland.


Since July 2021 Synthesit Swiss SA advanced its product list and has started sales of Synthesit™ in liquid form branding it as Elixir Nr. 1"


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