ProsVego (Grow Bite)

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The idea of Prosvego surface over a decade ago. It was the time when my wife was diagnosed with Coeliac disease, which many commonly associate with gluten intolerance. It wouldn’t be an understatement if I say that time was a disturbing phase. The most important question, in our mind, at that time was – how to live further? The doctor prohibited my wife to eat all the ‘regular’ food products, which compelled us to change the eating habit of our household.

Ultimately, we launched our own brand “PROSVEGO” producing healthy food products in 2017. The name PROSVEGO is made of two parts PROS (comes from ‘pros and cons’ and VEGO (vegetable/vegetarian in British English). So, PROSVEGO is an abbreviation of the adopted meaning & the health benefits of vegetables.


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