Natural Spices

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Natural Spices has been the natural flavouring in the kitchen for 85 years. We know what the Netherlands likes today. We help everyone from professionals to home cooks to put healthy food on the map. Literally. Because 100% natural herbs and spices are the basis of really good and nutritious food.


Together with food brands and top chefs, we are in our kitchen. Every day. We provide the characteristic flavour for the most delectable products, star dishes and catering. Flavours that we often develop together.


Hundreds of herbs, spices and products are available daily from our online wholesale business. With our flavourings, we make food as natural as possible.

And life healthier. We buy our goods close to the source.

Only in this way can we guarantee the best - for everyone from farm to fork.


And who says a diet or protein shake can't be tasty? We develop natural flavourings especially for health and sports brands. Out of pure love for a healthy and sporty lifestyle. 



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