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Lithos Ingredients is a specialized distributor of natural, free from and high quality functional ingredients for drinks, food and food supplements in the Benelux. The focus is on natural ingredients that contribute to your health in general or at specific life stages. Think of seaweed for bonehealth/guthealth, a vegan prebiotic for gut health, a fenugreek extract to relieve menopausal symptoms or a vegan protein to support your muscles.
Our portfolio contains: algae, vegan proteins, botanicals, fibres, probiotics, prebiotics and fruitpowders, with brandnames such as: Sunfiber®, Aquamin®, BerryShield®, Lab2Pro®, FenuSmart®, affron®, CurQfen®, AprèsFlex®, ABG+®, Sunphenon®, TetraSOD®, AlphaMega3® and Earthlight®.



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