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Your home for the best novel, clean-label functional ingredients

Anderson Advanced Ingredients provides new clean label solutions for industry-wide challenges and is an innovative foundation to help move countless R&D projects from concept to reality. Led by the legacy products MoisturLOK® and FiberSMART®, the portfolio includes Allulose, fibers, fat and sugar replacers, vegan proteins and nutraceutical ingredients. All ingredients make existing foods healthier and improve product quality.

The American company, Anderson Global Group, opened a European branch in the Netherlands three years ago.

Anderson Advanced Ingredients sells products suitable for sugar reduction, binding, shelf life extension, moisture migration, dough machinability, bulking, dietary fiber, protein loading, production yield, emulsification/stabilization, ice cream production & gluten free baking.

All suitable to speed up the production process, make products last longer, be able to make claims, ensure less dehydration and make healthy products tastier.

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