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''Pet owners are increasingly attentive''

What product areas are showing the most growth?

Pet owners are increasingly attentive to the health and well-being of their four-legged friends and for this reason they are more and more interested in products that have peculiar characteristics for satisfying the specific needs of dogs and cats.

Functional, gluten free, healthy, hypoallergenic and monoprotein products are for sure the items are showing the most growth in pet industry. 


How do you see the market evolving in 2024-2030?

Considering the purchasing trends and the ongoing pet humanization phenomenon, the interest in Super Premium products will be confirmed as guarantee of quality and care about in pet owners purchasing choices. New and more sophisticated ingredients, such as super food, will be used for the manufacturing of high quality products.


What are the biggest challenges you are facing?

Petfood industry is an increasingly demanding market, which is growing and evolving rapidly. The main challenge we are facing is to keep up, to be able to adapt the own offer and to quickly reformulate product variety.

What new products will you be launching in 2024?

We will launch new recipes and we enlarge our products assortment in 2024. We will focus on offering quality foods for dogs and cats manufactured with our unique local raw materials and new super foods.


Our packaging will be 100% as a confirmation of our commitment to sustainability and our goal to improve product storage.


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