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‘’Good Ingredients, Healthy Body’’

How is KPNI FOODIE/ TR-EAT innovating in the free from market?


KPNI FOODIE develops food with one main goal: Healthy & tasty food with good prebiotic fibers for a healthy gut, digestion and immune system. Hereby we follow the latest principles from the orthomolecular science. We really believe that if you nourish your body with the good ingredients, you will have a healthy body, mind and gut!


How does KPNI FOODIE/ TR-EAT differ from other gluten free products?


We also avoid hidden sugars from potato, corn and rice starches. All our products are free from gluten, lactose, dairy, soy and palm oil. We choose only prebiotic fibers from konjac root, tapioca root, seeds and nuts to nourish your microbiome and gut. Good prebiotic fibers nourish the good bacteria, reduce inflammation and promotes weight loss and a good digestion.


What new products will you be launching in 2024


Consumers are more consciously choosing for healthy food, with a growing interest in vegan and low carb/keto products. We are happy to go along with this trend because it also fits in with our health vision. In addition to our existing gluten free vegan and low carb/keto range, we will launch a keto/low carb pasta and cracker in 2024. 

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