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‘‘Innovation is in our DNA, driving us beyond the ordinary’’


How is Sanygran innovating in the Sustainable and Organic market?


Innovation is in our DNA, driving us beyond the ordinary. Our organic products feature unique and unconventional flavours, like black olive hummus, curry apple tofu, and grilled vegetables burger with goat cheese. Our sustainability commitment shines through projects like creating a KM0 product using high-moisture extrusion technology and a byproduct (brewer’s spent grain), promoting a circular economy.



What key challenges need to be overcome in 2024?


In 2024, the plant-based sector must address challenges such as improving taste and texture to compete with traditional options, scaling up production sustainably, and ensuring affordability to meet growing consumer demand while maintaining ethical and environmental standards.


How do you see the market evolving in 2024-2030?


We anticipate continued growth in plant-based and sustainable products, driven by increasing consumer awareness and demand for ethical and environmentally friendly options. Additionally, technological advancements will play a crucial role in expanding the market's reach and diversity, making sustainable and organic choices more accessible to a broader audience.



Are you focusing on any other products at the Exhibition?


Absolutely, our product portfolio extends far beyond. We manufacture a wide range of items, including ingredients, Plant-Based meat analogues, and 2nd and 3rd-generation vegetable solutions. Whether in an industrial format or as ready-to-eat options for Retail or Food Service, we're well-equipped for any plant-based food project.



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