I Just Love Breakfast

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IJLB is a Belgian artisan organic & vegan bakery that specializes in the production of granola. Our goal is to make a healthy breakfast that gives you the same pleasure as a fresh croissant. Our biggest fans are often people who regularly made their own granola, they taste and know that we don't do it any differently than you would at home. IJLB granola is generous in ingredients and flavor. Our recipes are balanced and always consist of more seeds, nuts or fruit than oats. You will never have to search for that one symbolic nut in the bag. With our own brand or in the formula of private label, we like to supply and/or develop a product that brings this category in the food industry to a different and new level. We have experience in developing granola products with specific requirements for taste, texture and nutritional values. We have already created for an international renowned chef and a dietetic food company, among others. In all developments we attach great importance to the taste and quality of the ingredients and the final product.


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