Helios Pasta

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HELIOS-Pasta is a Greek family-owned company, founded in 1932, provides consumers with delicious-nutritious high-quality Greek-pasta.

Focused on the high-quality raw materials and the wide-variety-of-shapes and categories, we offer 20 different product-series and 80-shapes of pasta, 500+ sku’s, made of 100%-durum-wheat or other grains’ semolina. 

Certified with IFS Food (higher level score), ISO 22000 & ISO 9001, KOSHER and HALAL. 

Selected products are Non-GMO project-verified.

HELIOS, is the first-pasta-industry internationally and the first-Greek-brand, whose products qualified for the Clean-Label Project Purity-Award due purity from chemicals.

In 2021, we received 17 awards for the remarkable-taste-and-quality of our products, innovation, and packaging design.


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