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GFB Dairy Company was established in 2019 in Bielsk district of Bialystok province by the shareholders of Biray Food Marketing and Detech Contracting Companies. In order to serve a wider customer network in its rapidly growing portfolio, the company has achieved a significant growth by focusing on the investments of factories and production machines in this field. The company currently continues its production in Zamość province of Poland. GFB Dairy Products has started its production life in our new facility, which is equipped with the latest technology and has a processing capacity of 300 tons of milk per day in order to produce Halloumi Type (Grill Cheese) products of the highest quality and to meet the needs of our customers, especially in European countries. The founders of GFB Dairy Products started their first investment in 2018 by purchasing a cheese factory called “Sevdiğin Çiftlik” in Konya Ereğli, Turkey on 9,000 m2 of land. The factory has 7,000 m2 of covered production area, and 200 tons of milk processing capacity for producing grilled cheese, kashkaval cheese and local cheese. The factory has completed all production investments and will start production at the end of 2020. Dengiz Pinar, one of the founders of the company and Chairman of Biray Food Marketing Company, is from Cyprus, the home of Halloumi. With more than 26 years of experience in the retail, dairy and dairy products industry from manufacturing to marketing in Turkey, Biray Food Marketing succeeded to become the leading PL producer in many domestic markets, particularly with halloumi cheese, grilled cheese and kashkaval cheese. The company has 90% dominance in the sales of halloumi cheese on the Turkish market. Detech Contracting Company was established in Dubai in 2003 by Murat Tavukçu, Aytaç Aktürk and Onur Kutlu, who are present board members and the founding members of the Company. The company undertakes a number of building activities, including design, construction and commissioning. In addition to being one of the major infrastructure firms in Dubai, the company was established to satisfy the requirements of the clients. In 2001, they established a Diary Farm Sevdiğin Çiftlik, which produces only milk, under the Tek Yön Livestock Food Agriculture Company, in the town of Sevdiğin in the province of Kırşehir. Sevdiğin Çiftilk is built on 105 acres of land with 16,000 m2 of closed area. Fresh and healthy daily raw milk has been generated according to the European standards since 2011.


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