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Thanks Plants

Thanks Plants are a new plant-based food company whose products are available in supermarkets and independent stores across Ireland. We focus on creating meat substitutes that have a wholesome nutritional profile. The products are positioned at an affordable price, but in gourmet flavours for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike, and for all the family. The main ingredient of our meatless meats is seitan flour, aka vital wheat gluten, which gives our products a meaty texture. Thanks Plants has the potential to be the leading seitan ‘wholesome meatless meat’ brand in Europe and beyond. We are already exporting to the UK in small quantities and plan to grow our export business in 2023. Our Mission - To create flavoursome plant-based protein alternatives made only with wholesome ingredients and no added nasties. - To be the leading wholesome plant-based protein alternative in Europe. - To be a brand for all the family - To reach out to our customers through an omni channel experience. - To be an authentic brand that cares about healthy and wholesome eating, and also social and environmental issues.

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