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Sawex Foods Ltd.

Sawex Foods Ltd. has over 30 year experience in the food industry. Company specializes in production and marketing its product domestically and internationally. Currently offers a wide variety of rice, groats, flakes and legumes

OCELIO is the newest SAWEX Foods brand, the producer of rice, groats, pulses and flakes. SAWEX has been operating on Polish market since 1989. OCELIO is dedicated to people suffering from coeliac, with gluten intolerance and to others who try to eliminate this allergen from a diet. OCELIO brand offers their consumers wide range of tasty products, which make your diet more diverse – diet doesn’t need to mean sacrifice. OCELIO’s portfolio consists of several product categories e.g. gluten free bakery mixes, plant based drinks, superfoods raw bars, and protein bars.

What makes OCELIO distinctive is high quality and carefully selected recipe. It is marked out by unique taste and production process standards. All the products are delicious and safe alternative of food containing gluten. Most of them can be used by people with lactose intolerance or by vegetarians/vegan.

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