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R-Biopharm AG

R-Biopharm is a leading developer of test solutions for clinical diagnostics and food & feed analysis. R-Biopharm’s analytical tests offer certainty along the whole nutritional food chain – from safe animal feed and safe food to individualized nutrition and all the way to diagnosis of diseases. Founded in 1988, we have over 1,300 employees worldwide and are successfully represented in more than 120 countries by having 120 distributors and 28 subsidiaries throughout Germany, the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Latin America, Brazil, Australia, India, China, and the Netherlands.

Our extensive product range offers best solutions for reliable food and feed analyses. A variety of different test systems enables detection of mycotoxins, allergens or illegal residues and microbiological contamination.

For mycotoxin testing we offer a very broad portfolio of tests, clean-up columns, quality control materials, standards and analytical services. With innovative tools like smartphone based measurements devices and app to evaluate result and share data real-time, R-Biopharm entered a new era of mycotoxin analysis.

R-Biopharm is family-owned in second generation and combines development,
production and sales under a single roof. https://food.r-biopharm.com/

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