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Our aim is to excite our people through innovative healthy foods sourced from all corners of the world, offering a glimpse of the unknown through products that have a story to tell.

Our brand is built upon three pillars:

Natural & healthy

We keep our products as pure as possible, cherishing what Mother Nature gave us and minimizing processing for a healthier option. Much of what we do revolves around finding healthy alternatives to conventional products that are great in taste but bad in nutritional values.

Exotic & exciting

We source our products all over the globe in lush, remote places. Doing so, we want to open up the door to a new world, allowing our people to have worldly experiences from the comfort of their own homes, through the products they consume.

Sustainable & good for all

We make sure our products aren't just good for you, but also for the world as a whole. We work closely with local communities to ensure fair prices & always take care of the local natural surroundings to ensure the continuity of the entire ecosystem.



Our Mission

Our mission here at Panai is to source the most delicious & nutritious foods from across the globe and bring them to our audience for an other-worldly and exotic tasting experience.

We actively travel to the most exciting & beautiful places in search of local culinary secrets, always prioritizing healthy products with an interesting story to tell.

As notorious snacking addicts ourselves, we always found it difficult to find healthy options that taste good, do good & look good. Through Panai, we want to offer alternatives to conventional sugar-loaded & over-processed snacking options, and allow people to keep on munching in a guilt-free way.

The first products we're launching are our organic, freeze-dried fruit crisps, brought to you from the beautiful mountaintops & misty foothills of south India.



Our Process

Our fruit is organically grown on small-scale farms throughout southern India, one of the most eco-diverse and lush environments in the world, by over 16.000 farmers in the local farming community. They only adopt sustainable & organic farming practices, ensuring the purity & quality of the produce.

The best fruits are selected and hand-picked at precisely the right time in the ripening stage, before being sent to our local cooperative, non-profit organization, grouping the processing efforts while ensuring a fair price for the local farmers.

There, on a hilltop in the middle of the jungle, the fruits are cut and freeze-dried.

While this wonderful process removes all the water content from the fruit, it allows for all the nutrients, flavors & aromas to remain there to be enjoyed, without adding any chemical substance.

The result is a healthy crunchy snack with an explosion of flavor you won't easily forget.

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