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New Snacks UOP srl SB

Our New Snacks are a unique and healthy type of snack made in Italy, near the Alps Mountain chain and not far from Turin.
Our goal was to make a product that could be at the same time healthy, nutrient and tasty.
With that goal in mind we developed a new technology called "air popped system".
We use high temperatures and pressure to "Pop" starch contained within vegetables (like popcorns) creating crunchy snacks
with an 80% lower fat percentage compared to the traditional fried crisps on the market.
Healthy snacks are the fastest growing sector in the food industry and
the number of people that are looking for a quick snack or a fast meal
is growing day by day.
To fulfill that need we use simple and light ingredients to show that
healthy food can also be nutrient and most of all tasty.
Our chips have less than 7% fat, are high in protein and fiber content, are Organic, Gluten-free, Lactose-free and Vegan.
The perfect snack for anyone looking for an healthy and satisfying alternative to common fried chips.

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