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R(+)-Alpha-lipoic acid (RLA)


  • Powerful natural antioxidant

  • Present in spinach, broccoli, meat and other food

  • Is used in sport diets and diets for people with neuropathies

  • Clinical studies in patients with neuropathies demonstrated improvement of the nerve function including conductance velocity, reduction of oxidative stress and increased muscle strength

  • RLA is a vitamin like food substance

  • Safety of the substance is proved clinically


Better glucose utilization by muscle and nerve cells increase in physical and mental performance. The more energy cells get, the more energy you get

L arginine


  • Semiessential amino acid

  • Present in nuts, meat and other food

  • Is used in sport diets, diets for people with low protein uptake, degradation of blood system functions and when an enhanced reaction of blood system is needed increased demand for tissues nutrition sport and mental activities

  • Is used as food supplement for better erectile function

  • Food substance


Contributes to better blood flow, i.e. better support of cells with oxygen and glucose.

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