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First Topic: ''The Role of Free From in 2022 and Beyond!"

Description: This presentation will examine how consumers adopt free-from dietary habits as they look to avoid ingredients that they deem detrimental to their health. The presentation will examine what is next for the plant-based market and what claims they like to see on clean-label products, as greater emphasis is placed on avoidance and moderation.


Second Topic: ''Packaging & Sustainability Trends in 2022!''

Description: This presentation will examine consumer attitudes towards sustainability within the packaging market, as greater emphasis is placed on protecting the planet. It will examine the demand for packaging deemed safe and sustainable, what challenges people face when looking to recycle, and what initiatives can be developed by the packaging industry to address environmental concerns.


Speaker: Will Cowling

Theater: Free From Retail


Active in the following segments:

Free From Functional & Health Ingredients Exhibition

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