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Ebbe & Food GmbH

The world's first 100% gluten-free and vegan vegetable breading - that's VEGGIE CRUMBZ. A new food product that is invented by Ebbe & Food GmbH, a young start up from Hamburg, Germany. With their Veggie Crumbz, they not only created a breading without bread, but moreover fully without artificial or chemical additives or flavor enhancers. Veggie Crumbz have a complete clean label with only two and 100% natural ingredients - potato and the vegetable of variety e.g Red Beet, Cauliflower or Carrots

The Crumbs are perfectly applicable for all meat substitutes, cheese or vegetables - but also for classic meat and fish dishes. However compared to the classic alternative on the market they have a four times higher fiber content and absorb up to 50% less fat when fried or deep-fried.

With Veggie Crumbz a new form of breading is born that proofs: crunchy food can pursue conscious eating pleasure, sustainability and can contribute to a more conscious lifestyle.

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