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Topic: A growing world population still needs animal-based proteins, but substitution of animal-based proteins also opens up new growth platforms at the same time
Description: Fred will talk about the unprecedented growth and disruption in the alternative protein market, accelerated by recent developments driving investment in and competition for alternative protein assets. The increasing demand for modern foods will drive increasing economies of scale, leading to greater improvement in cost and capabilities, driving further increases in demand. the value chain for alternative proteins will be different from traditional proteins in inputs and production, but will follow similar route to the end user . Winning in input and production requires new capabilities in innovation and scientific knowledge, and winning in sales leverages existing market access capabilities. Cost to produce using precision fermentation f.e. could decrease significantly as a result of increased operating efficiency and scale, after already having decreased by several orders of magnitude in the past. Techniques like precision fermentation allows substitute products to taste nearly identical to animal products, at better nutritional values and lower environmental impact. After reviewing several protein sources Fred will show how large food corporations heavily invest in and acquire alternative proteins and  plant-based food companies, while partnerships often occur with animal-based meat producers and sellers to scale production and distribution. Accelerators are being used to ensure rapid solution development to deliver alternative nutrition.

Speaker: Fred Nijland
Theatre: Supplier & Insights

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