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Nenco Food Group

Nenco Food Group consists of three energetic, independent food companies, each with its own specialism and focus on natural, healthy and/or allergy-friendly nutrition. One of the companies is Dafco and is specialised in gluten-free solutions for food concepts in particular, and health food products in general. The assortment consists of gluten free baking mixes, flours, 100% fruit snacks, breakfast cereals, seeds, pasta’s, grains etc.
Nenco Food Group supplies both ingredients and ready-made gluten-free products to our customers. However, our strength and focus are on the packaging gluten-free (bulk) products in private label consumer packaging. We have the ability to mix both powdery and granular products. Some examples are: mixing ingredients into e.g. a baking mix according to the customer's (secret) recipe, or mixing ingredients into a muesli or other breakfast product.

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