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Batasta - Sweet Potato Pasta

Batasta - The gluten-free sweet potato pasta!

You can´t decide if you want to have vegetables or pasta for lunch or dinner?

No need for a decision. Batasta is both!

Batasta is the first regional sweet potato pasta made of European sweet potatoes not based on starch.

It is gluten-free, vegan, allergen-free and only consist of natural ingredients (yes the amazing colours are only painted by our sweet potatoes).

It cooks in 2-3 minutes and therefore saves time and (nowadays very important) energy. It´s basically fast food for everybody who likes it fast and easy but without waiving on high quality ingredients.

Batasta is vegetables in disguise of pasta. Pasta that actually really tastes like pasta. We made no compromise with that.

But the best thing about Batasta is, that it combats the enormous food waste in sweet potato farming. Every year hundreds of tons of regional sweet potatoes go to waste because they have the wrong size and shape for retail. To change that, we use this very special sweet potatoes to create this very special pasta.

A special pasta, for special people made from special sweet potatos. That is Batasta!

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