Colacel BVBA

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Colacel was founded in 1971. For almost 50 years we specialize in cellophane packaging. The company name wasn’t chosen randomly but comes from a French contraction of “col à la cellophane” (glue to the cellophane) a reference to our main activity, the production of cellophane sachets.

Until 2002 the company was owned by the Jonckheere family and based in Merelbeke. In 2003, the current business manager, Mia De Groote, took over the company and we moved to Ghent.
In 2019 son Willem also joined the business. He is responsible for business development and guarantees continuation of activities.

At an excellent location, close to the Ghent city ring, They still produce an extensive range of cellophane bags, in various sizes for various applications. In addition, you can also come to them for cellophane in sheets, reels, (meat) rondelles, etc. You can also contact us for other types of packaging such as cardboard boxes, polyethylene and polypropylene bags, bread bags and so on.


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