Choosy and Delicious

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Choosy & Delicious is a producer of baking mixes, free of gluten, lactose and low in sugar. They also contain no milk, soy, dyes or flavourings, making them perfect for diabetics. The raw materials are also of very high quality.

The director of Choosy & Delicious is Viviane Vaes, she wrote several books based on scientific studies, which were also supported by 2 professors from the University Hospital in Leuven. After this, the products were created to offer the target group, that suddenly receives a diagnosis to start eating differently, a pleasant and social moment at the table. The objective is that everything on the table can be eaten by everyone in such a way that no one knows that it is free of e.g. gluten, lactose and certainly low in sugar. 'Enjoy together' is the new slogan.


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