Bäkerei Stiebling

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 Stiebling has stood for traditional bakeries since 1922 - for products that please the palate and the heart. You can taste it today.


 The world does not stop. Master baker Stiebling understood that too. His wanderlust, curiosity, ingenuity and love for traditional bakeries were ingredients for cakees - cheesecake cakes.


 Freshly baked in innovative packaging and immediately afterwards vacuum- and flavor-sealed, the company made the cake shelf-life for about 6 months. And absolutely without preservatives.


The new baking and transport packaging was developed in such a way that it can take a lot. Cakes are easy to take with you anywhere, they fit in any backpack, in a free space in the suitcase or in the glove compartment of the car. Or you can enjoy them at home at any time.

And because cakes taste so delicious, they are incredibly transportable, and remain delicious for a long time without preservatives - they are eaten all over the world. Despite modern manufacturing processes, cakes are still oven-fresh cakes made by a master baker.



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